Sequoia National Park: My Opinion

My Opinion

In my opinion, Sequoia National Park is one of the best places you could visit due to the immense activities and stations that it provides throughout your trip. Sequoia creates new and fresh memories that you will never forget. Likewise, I think the best season to go to Sequoia National Park is probably the winter since a great deal of snow falls among the trees, which looks thrilling and amusing. Sequoia National Park is very entertaining especially for those people who like nature and like to be outdoors for a great deal of time. When I first got to Sequoia National Park I was so curious of knowing the tallest tree in the world. It took hours to find parking until a group of friends left and we got parking. As soon as I got of the car it seemed like if every stress and conflict that I was encountring was gone. Everything has gone and all there was present in my mind was the present that I was living. The gigantic trees made fresh air go through my lungs.

Likewise, in my opinion the best site to go in sequoia is in the forest and meet the magnificent and monumenatl trees. To see so big trees at one place is very dramatic. In visitor center you will learn a great deal of interesting things about life cycle and importance of fire. All things considered, Sequoia National Park provides a variety of different things to make your visit more entertaining and effective. Moreover, in my personal opinion Sequoia is rather better to go in family than to go solo because you have so much fun in family than going by yourself. In conclusion, Sequoia National Park is a better trip to go than going to disneyland or six flags.