Sequoia National Park: Public Opinion

Public Opinion

Many have comment that Sequoia National Park is one of the best places to visit because it is full of very emotional experiences. Nature liberates and untights you from all the stress and conflicts that you may be passing through. Big trees such as the most famous one called General Sherman helps you see the concept of how far nature could really grow. Sequoia offers more than just it's big gigantic trees, it also offers various experiences that include with family and friends to go out and explore. For example, camping fishing, walking, and etc. Sequoia offers various things so they could make you feel comfortable and make your new experiences that you will never forget.

Although many people like Sequoia other people say that they dislike Sequoia National Park because you need to watch for many factors such as the wheather and animals such as bears. People say that when you are planning to go on Sequoia it is very difficult since you need to take various things in order to go camping with your friends and family. Which makes the trip not that of a fun trip. But even though people say this about the park they also like the the things that the park offers them. Especially with the spetacular nature and the ecosystem which is very profound.

"Walk amongst the giants of the world in Californias woods with trout fishing around and nice campsites. But watch of for the hungry bears that like to peep around your camp site, if they can smell any trace of your food. Meadows, creeks and towering woods abound.If you go in early spring or fall when it gets below freezing at night you don't have to worry about the pesky mosquito as they don't do well in cold weather. In addition staying for camping in Sequoia National Park is a great experience due to the enrichment activities that in offers throughout your course. Words cannot express the magnificient beauty of this place. The grand scale of these beautiful trees is breathtaking." -CNN

"Take the free tours offered by park rangers, you will learn a lot of interesting things about these miracles. They are indeed miracles - some of them almost completely burnt out but still survive for thousands of years. And then even if they die, they do not decompose at all for over a century. These are indeed miracles of creation. Take a longer walk, such as the Senate trail, not only Sherman. Explore the whole park to know the beautiful wonders of nature, and the features that it illustrates." -Yahoo News